Baby’s First

19 Nov


Cyler’s first Cat-Griz game. He’s totally psyched.


18 Nov

It’s been quite some time since we update.  We’ve done a few things since our last post like have a baby, move houses, and one of us has become gluten free.

While you wait for posts/pics of those things, take a look at some of Jaret’s artwork. 

Jaret's picture of Michael Jordan he drew from a poster


Jaret's drawing on top, Grandpa Dushin's on bottom


Spring Fun

8 May

Planting some tomatoes and watermelons:

Jaret forgot to go potty before the game started:

The boys being weird (really really weird):

Grady likes babies (baby Alec):

Jaret rockin’ (with Lilly):

Grady is calling my shot:

Holidays 2009

3 Jan

Time to catch you up on the last couple months of fun for the Dushin family.

Jaret and the Turkey leg daddy cooked for Thanksgiving.  Looks mighty yummy (looks can be very deceiving).

Jaret and Grady in front of the Christmas tree on what must have been Naked Day.

Jaret, Grady, and my hand with Santa.

Playing in the snow.

The boys (along with my hand again) after the carriage ride.

Playing with bows.

A couple of the many wonderful SpongeBob pajamas Jaret got for Christmas.

The two spoiled boys with their amazing haul of presents.  Thanks everyone.

Halloween 09

3 Nov

Here is some of the fun we had this Halloween. It was a multi day affair for the boys. Daycare party on Thursday, birthday party on Friday, and the actual Halloween.

Grady at Kyler’s birthday party:


Looks like we didn’t need to spend money on costumes:


At Daddy’s work:


At Mommy’s work with the other Superheroes:


Dushin family Halloween fun:


What we’ve been doing

28 Sep

We’ve been having a lot of fun since our last post.  Proof is below.

Being artsey:




Playing dress-up:


Riding around:



More from Seattle

21 Aug

Seattle 2009 004

Jaret and the Pig-mobile.

Seattle 2009 005

Grady and the Ichiro sign.

Seattle 2009 012

The Dushin family.

Seattle 2009 061

The boys at the zoo.