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Go Bobcats!

30 Nov


Jaret is 3

16 Nov


Jaret had a great birthday.  Thanks to everyone who made his 3rd birthday so much fun. 

(Video below is rather long but has some funny moments you do not want to miss.)

Our two favorite Things

8 Nov


More pictures

Video Fun

7 Nov

Jaret is super smart:

Grady loves his big brother.

Halloween Fun

31 Oct

Pumpkin carving at JD’s house.

Trick or Treating at my work…

… and our house.

Sneak Peak of Jaret’s Halloween Costume

20 Oct

More Stuff

16 Oct

I added some more pictures of the boys to our photo album and a video on YouTube (you don’t want to miss this one, the excitement is out-of-this world!).  In the next few days I will get some pictures of Grady’s baptism loaded (I know you are anxiously awaiting).

Jaret is now done with the chicken pox (or as he calls them the chicken pockets).  Grady is, thankfully, still free of the pox.

The Soccer Kid

15 Oct

I bring you pictures of Jaret’s first season of soccer.  Jaret was the youngest and definitely the best on the team.  He ended the season with one goal scored.

Here are my boys

6 Sep

I have loaded about 130 pictures to our online photo album.  We also have a number of new vidoes over at YouTube, including the gem below (Amber likes to record videos sideways which is why the angle is just a little off).

He can sing too!!

6 Sep

Ok, I know it has been awhile but today I bring you some good stuff.  Jaret was watching Dan In Real Life the other day and learned a new song.  I think it is fairly obvious that he is multi talented.