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Halloween 09

3 Nov

Here is some of the fun we had this Halloween. It was a multi day affair for the boys. Daycare party on Thursday, birthday party on Friday, and the actual Halloween.

Grady at Kyler’s birthday party:


Looks like we didn’t need to spend money on costumes:


At Daddy’s work:


At Mommy’s work with the other Superheroes:


Dushin family Halloween fun:


More from Seattle

21 Aug

Seattle 2009 004

Jaret and the Pig-mobile.

Seattle 2009 005

Grady and the Ichiro sign.

Seattle 2009 012

The Dushin family.

Seattle 2009 061

The boys at the zoo.

4th of July Weekend

6 Jul

The weekend got off to an exciting start when Grady locked himself in the car while we were getting ready.  We couldn’t find the second set of keys and had to call the locksmith to get him out.  Grady was stuck in there for 45 minutes (6:30 in the morning so it wasn’t hot yet) before the locksmith was able to get him out.  Burdock Locksmith did a great job of getting him out and didn’t charge us anything.

Now onto the fun.


Jaret’s first fish.  Took it back to the farm and grilled it up on the BBQ.  Amazingly Jaret ate it all up.


Jaret and Amber on the tube.


Grady on the beach.


And some fireworks.

Family Fun in Yellowstone

24 May

On the way (the only time Grady was happy in the car).


Checking out the animals.  We saw two grizzlies, two black bears, lots of bison and elk.


At the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


Jaret loves waterfalls.

Check out all our Yellowstone pictures at our photo album.

Jaret’s Soccer

2 May

Jaret’s first game of the season (he is such a Momma’s boy).


Jaret found a girlfriend.

Spokane for Josh and Tennille’s Wedding

29 Apr

On the gondola in downtown Spokane.


At the wedding reception.


Jaret’s First Time Skiing

31 Jan

Up at Great Divide


First time down:

He was a fast learner:

Did everyone have a good Christmas?

4 Jan

We sure did.



Grady’s Baptism

19 Oct

Loaded some pictures of Grady’s Baptism.

We went to Seeley…

17 Jul

…and had a great time.  Don’t believe me, look below to see Jaret getting down.