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24 Mar


Some Easter pictures have been added to our Photo Album. Jaret had a great time at Easter Egg Hunts on Saturday at Lincoln Park (video below, courtesy of Josh) and Sunday at the Capitol.The first video is of the 0-4 age group. As you can tell this Easter Bunny doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

This second video is of Jaret in the 5-6 age group. This age group left a bunch of eggs on the side for Jaret to pick up. Towards the end of the video you will see Jaret get freaked out and stop, this is because the Easter Bunny arrives on the scene. If you listen closely you will hear the Easter Bunny tell Jaret he is “Not 5 or 6” and proceeds to take the eggs that are around him and walk away. I told you he didn’t take any crap, even if you are 2 years old.